Crumbs Organic Bakehouse

Union Road, Ascot Vale plays host to a great range of cafes and food outlets and Crumbs Organic Bakehouse would have to be one of the best.

Decorated like a 1950’s kitchen and filled with the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread, this is a wonderful place to get some organic bread or other baked goodies. The Formica table, complete with ‘granny chic’ doily, makes a great place to sit down and have something to eat. All their baked goods are vegan but you can get cow’s milk for your coffee and there are usually some free range eggs for sale.


There are a variety of organic sourdough breads to choose from, depending on your personal preference including a delicious fruit loaf. The vegan pizza slices are a great option for lunch and are packed full of flavour so you won’t notice the lack of cheese. If you’d rather something sweet, the muffins are beautifully light, moist and flavoursome and the apple and cinnamon muffin is a huge favourite of mine. Although everything’s vegan, I promise – it’s all so tasty even omnivores will be more than satisfied.

crumbs display

Crumbs Organic Bakehouse
170 Union Road, Ascot Vale 3032

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